BTDI is a public institution without legal personality, a professional body established by joint ventures, BTDI is managed by a Board of Administration consisting of representatives of each member, which designates executive management. BTDI performs the fallowing functions: 

- business incubation by establishing connections between Romanian and foreign companies and providing technical, financial, managerial and legal assistance;

- technological development, which supports, in accordance with Government Decision 406/2003, the activity of SMEs, research centers and other incubated organizations;

- intellectual property, which ensures, in accordance with relevant legislation, intellectual property protection and enforcement of copyright;

- technology transfer in fields of agriculture, horticulture, wine-viticulture, animal husbandry, processing and related activities;

- networking with the economic environment, internally and externally in its field of activity;

- professional training;

The foreign companies interested in the services of the Business Incubator has a number of packages services (advertising, consulting).

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About us

Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC) is a financial institution investment and consultancy whose main objective is to support public and private initiatives by providing a innovative integrated service package.

The mission we have assumed is to contribute to sustainable development in local and regional national and international context. Five directions are in our view, vital in this respect: consulting / design, research / innovation, investment / financing, technical assistance / training and cooperation / recovery.