Expertise gained in consulting services for accesing EU funds for agriculture and rural development has allowed to RGIC Consultanta to be designated, through Mrs. Otilia Manta, as agribusiness consultant of Israel and the United States of America Embassies in Bucharest. Thus it was possible to developing national and international strategic projects on the components like:  vegetable farms, dairy farms, agricultural machinery and professional training for workers in romanian vegetable farms.

Project portfolio for EU funds

2004 - 2006:

 388 SAPARD projects for commercial companies through SAPARD Programme Measure 1.1 Measure 2.1 Measure 3.4;

 134 Investment projects for companies through Phare 2000, 2001, 2002, Economic and social cohesion, Ricop Programme, IST Programme, Quality of Life;

 62 projects for HR programmes for banks, companies and NGOs through Phare 2001, 2002 Economic and social cohesion, Human resources component;

 22 Workshops for NGOs through Access Programme and other programmes managed by FDSC;

 12 Environment projects for companies through ISP programme and LIFE programme;

 22 IT projects for companies through IST, eContent programme and governmental programmes (Innovation programmes);

 168 Projects on Diagnosis analyses and financing files (business plan, feasibility study, financing request) projects on agriculture for Romanian and foreign investors through lending programmes of banks with Romanian or foreign capital existing in Romania or through SAPARD.

2007 -2014:

 More than 15.000 FEADR projects;

 55 POS CCE projects;

 40 Rural development projects (public and local administration);

 4 national strategic projects through POS DRU; 

 25 projects on POR;

 52 Rural development strategies;

 48 Integrated investment projects for Local Public Administration

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About us

Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC) is a financial institution investment and consultancy whose main objective is to support public and private initiatives by providing a innovative integrated service package.

The mission we have assumed is to contribute to sustainable development in local and regional national and international context. Five directions are in our view, vital in this respect: consulting / design, research / innovation, investment / financing, technical assistance / training and cooperation / recovery.