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Globalization, Research, Innovation, Integration and Development, Sustainability

In order to promote activities focused on market needs, I believe we should have a fair, predictable, transparent and competitive business environment and inclusive growth in the digital age, further enhancing access to the digital market for customers and partners. The activity regarding the financial, social, economic and informational inclusion has a great relevance in the current context of globalization, more of the sustainability of the economic development with an impact on the security and the social security. In the ecosystem there are strongly interconnected local and virtual communities. The link between social, economic and environmental systems is given by the system of continuous financial innovation, which determines us to affirm that a current challenge at global level and with impact at local level can be given by means and tools of continuous research and financial innovation. Moreover, we believe that the human factor "pollinator" is the only one that can determine the balance of the ecosystem on a planetary level through faith, science and technology and not least by identifying innovative financial solutions in the current context of the digital era.


Project management (planning, organizing and managing tasks and resources - people, equipment, materials and money - in objective / objectives); • farm management (production supervision, advice and support, cost analysis, budget, financial assistance); • water management;


Integrated consulting services for the development, implementation and supervision of strategic investment  projects under the NRDP and of structural programs implemented in 2014-2020.


GROUPS ROMANIAN INVESTMENT AND CONSULTANCY (RGIC) offers professional solutions for optimal development, implementation and supervision of projects related to EU funds in areas like infrastructure, civil construction, food industry, vegetable farms and livestock, through the contribution of a group of experienced specialists.


In a strongly competitive market, quality is what differentiates one from another service organization. We are aware that in the long run, the quality of our products and services is the most important factor influencing the profit and most effective way to increase business turnover, leading to both market expansion and increase market share. Service and quality products, tailored to changing market represents mission Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC).


The global economic situation according to the official ifo World Economic Climate statement has deteriorated

The indicator on economic status fell from -2.4 to -10.1 points in the third quarter.Both the assessment of the current situation and the expectations have decreased significantly. The intensification...

Partnership at a European level

The Business Development Association, represented by MRs. Otilia Manta, President/CEO of Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta, signed a collaboration agreement with the Expert Association of ...

Israeli technology in the greenhouse and irrigation field - a chance to revive the Romanian agriculture Grupul Roman pentru Investitii

Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta by Ms. Otilia Manta, President / CEO, the Economic Department of the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest, by Ms. Yifat Inbar, the Economic and Commercial Attaché...

Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta in dialogue with European experts

Saturday, June 13 2009, Mrs Otilia Manta, president of Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta (RGIC), the Romanian representative of the Israeli Institute for Export and International Cooperati...


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About us

Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC) is a financial institution investment and consultancy whose main objective is to support public and private initiatives by providing a innovative integrated service package.

The mission we have assumed is to contribute to sustainable development in local and regional national and international context. Five directions are in our view, vital in this respect: consulting / design, research / innovation, investment / financing, technical assistance / training and cooperation / recovery.