The Government meeting of 5 October 2016 approved to increase the amount of state aid to pay for diesel in agriculture in 2016, from 338.819 million to 647.248 million lei. It ensures the necessary financial resources for the payment of aid for diesel used in agriculture in second and third quarters 2016, given that the amount initially allocated - 338.819 million lei,  was used so far 314.446 million lei. Measure comes to support the farmers by financing also in 2016 a scheme to support farmers expenses by reducing production costs and encourages further pursuit of activities in agriculture. Also, the judgment clarifies management issues approved amounts, the means for food accounts for Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture and payment of the amounts due to beneficiaries. According to the law, the Agency for Payments and Intervention for Agriculture prepare and submit quarterly to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development centralized situation with beneficiaries and amounts expressed in lei, without subdivision, related to the quantities of diesel due payment. 
After approval by the Ministry of Finance of the opening of budgetary appropriations, the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development feeds the account of the Payment and Intervention Agency for Agriculture, which  fueling the accounts of   county centers and  of Bucharest with the amounts due. The amounts due will be transferred to the beneficiaries' accounts, as required by law, the county centers, and for Bucharest, the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture. Government Decision nr.1174 / 2014 establishing a scheme of State aid for reducing excise duty on diesel used in agriculture be amended accordingly.

More information: Since 2015, according to the GD nr.1174 / 2014, the state aid scheme for reducing excise duty on diesel used in agriculture, by applying a reduced rate of taxation of diesel used for carrying out worksin sectors like mechanized agriculture,  vegetable,  livestock also land reclamation. Maximum aid scheme for the maintenance period 2015-2020 is 3.334 billion lei.
For 2016, the initial amount allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture is 338.819 million lei. Of this amount has been paid so far amount to 314.446 million lei, so the difference from 24.372 million lei would not be sufficient for granting the subsidy on diesel used in the second and third quarters in 2016.