Ministry of European Funds, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Policy Department for Relations with Romanians Everywhere, open on  October 12, 2016, call for the "Diaspora Start-up", with an allocation of € 30 million from the Operational Programme Human Capital ( POCU) 2014-2020. 

In the first stage, the entrepreneurial scheme administrators submit project proposals to a maximum of EUR 5,000,000 of commitment to prepare future entrepreneurs and provide them grants to launch business in the country. Entities that have partnered to create entrepreneurial scheme administrators can be:  authorized professional training providers, public and private; trade unions and employers; Members of Sectoral Committees and legal Sectoral Committees; local government authorities (administrative units); professional associations; chambers of commerce and industry; NGOs; universities; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment and institutions / agencies / organizations subordinated / coordinated; partnerships between the categories mentioned above.

Proposals can be submitted from today until 11.29.2016, 16:00.