The Ministry of European Funds (MFE) announces the opening of the call for proposals "Training of staff involved in the implementation of priority programs from health" with an allocation of 64.74 million euro of Human Capital Operational Programme 2014 -2020 (POCU), the first of a number of calls for the medical field in Romania. Can  apply for financing for projects between 1.2 and 3 million euro, the Ministry of Health and public authorities, public health authorities, individually or in partnership with stakeholders. Beneficiaries will propose vocational training programs including e-learning, and participating in exchanges / exchanges of best practices in the priority areas from health care: health of women and children, noncommunicable diseases of major diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine / thyroid, lung disease also chronic renal cancer, diabetes), diseases (tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, chronic viral hepatitis B also C), mental health, rare diseases. By the projects under this call will benefit the family physicians who are a contractual relationship with Health Insurance Fund and the staff of public institutions involved in the implementation of priority health programs at national and local level.
The Applicant's Guide was released in public consultation on 1 September 2016 and the final version has integrated observations and proposals from potential beneficiaries. The projects are submitted through the computer system MySMIS 2014, October 17, 2016 from 15:00 until 16 December 2016 at 16:00.
About the appeal of projects "Training of staff involved in the implementation of priority health programs"
• National Health Strategy 2014-2020 responds;
• supports measures related to health integrated package to combat poverty adopted by the Government in February 2016;
• part of POCU, Priority 4 - Social inclusion and combating poverty, thematic objective 9: Promoting social inclusion and combating poverty and all forms of discrimination, 9.iv investment priority: Increasing access to affordable, sustainable and high quality, including health care and social services of general interest specific objective 4.8: Improve the level of skills of professionals in the medical sector.

About Human Capital Operational Programme 2014-2020:
POCU 2014-2020 has a total allocation from 4.326 billion euro. The program identifies investment priorities, specific objectives and actions undertaken by Romania in the field of human resources, to contribute to reducing the economic and social development disparities between Romania and the EU Member States. POCU includes seven priorities: youth employment initiative (1); Improving the situation of young people Neets category (2); Jobs for All (3); Social inclusion and combating poverty (4); Community-led local development (DLRC - 5); Education and skills (6); Technical Assistance (7).